US and CT guided Peripheral Nerve Blocks

Ali Reza Moghtaderi,M.D.
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Fellowship of Interventional Pain

****Greater and Lesser Occipital Nerve Block
Technique:- The most effective patient position for the greater or lesser occipital block is sitting with the neck in a flex position’Avoid foramen magnum which is located medially’The occipital artery is the most useful landmark for locating the GON, immediately medial to oc.A

Technique:The patient will be in prone position.’Needle is introduced 6 cm lateral to spine of L4.’ Directed 45 degrees medial and caudal until its tip comes anterior to vertebral body of L5 under fluoroscopic guidance.

Technique:The patient in the prone position.’Needle is inserted in the dorsal sacrococcygeal ligament at the midline.’ The needle is then advanced to pierce the ventral sacrococcygeal ligament, felt as a loss of resistance.

Classic retrocrural technique (deep splanchnic approach): Triangle is made between 3 points: spine between T 12 & L 1 and lower edges of 12th rib on both sides.’ Needle is inserted just cauded to 12th rib 7 cm lateral to midline, 45 degree from horizontal plane & 15 degree cephaled until bony contact with L1 vertebral body is made.’ Needle is withdrawn & redirected laterally about 1-2 cm, at this point aortic pulsations may be felt and the local anesthetic is injected retroaortic.

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US and CT guided Peripheral Nerve Blocks
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